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  • Face
    Lip, chin, nostrils, sideburns, jawline, cheeks, neck, forehead, eyebrows.
  • Upper Body
    Chest, areola. abdomen, back, shoulders, arms.
  • Lower Body
    Buttocks, bikini, full legs, feet/toes.


  • Head
  • Face
    Lip, chin, nostrils, sideburns, jawline, cheeks, neck, forehead.
  • Upper Body
    Chest, abdomen, back, shoulders, arms.
  • Lower Body
    Buttocks, bikini, full legs, feet/toes.



SMALL AREAS: $59 per treatment, $199 for package of 6

Unibrow * Areola * Back of Neck * Front of Neck * Cheek * Chin *
Forehead/Hairline * Upper Lip * Eyebrow top/center * Sideburns * Feet & Toes *
Hands * Fingers *Jawline * Nostrils * Ears * Underarms * Perianal

MEDIUM AREAS: $99 per treatment, $399 for package of 6

Happy Trail * Lower Back * Upper Back * Bikini & Inner Thigh * Abdomen *
Shoulders * Full Beard * Forearms * Upper Arms

LARGE AREAS: $149 per treatment, $599 for package of 6

Full Face * Full Arms * Full Buttocks * Legs (from lower knee) * Legs (thighs to knee) * Chest * Full Boyzillian * Full Brazilian

X-LARGE AREAS: $199 per treatment, $799 for package of 6

Full Legs * Full Back * Chest & Abs

FULL BODY FEMALE: $399 per treatment, $1,299 for package of 6

FULL BODY MALE: $499 per treatment, $1,599 for package of 6 (boyzilian extra)


Have you gone to another company and noticed that your hair is not disappearing?  It could be the device. PHYZIQUE uses the latest proven technology from CANDELA, the undisputed leader in laser devices, for the most effective treatments.  Different treatments require different laser light wavelengths to be effective.  The Gentle Max  laser is the ONLY device that can accommodate all skin types and colors .   In addition, The Gentle Max  combines several technologies with vital updates to include laser treatment settings for skin disorders and facial rejuvenation.

The Gentle Max also has the largest spot size (18mm diameter), combining together characteristics that enable deeper penetration by laser energy of the targeted area and faster treatments than early forms of Laser hair Removal machines such as, Long Pulse Ruby, Diode Lasers, and Flash-lamp devices.

IPL  (Intense Pulse Light), is not a laser treatment but is close to a laser.  Some machines are simple IPLs, others are SPLs, APL or VPLs, then there are SLPLs… All this can be very confusing. So the important thing to remember is that anything “PL” – is a Pulse Light systems and NOT Genuine Laser. The manufacturers invent many of the names for new Pulsed Light (PL) Systems for the purposes of describing the point of difference of their equipment compared to their competitors.

IPL devices which are commonly used by other businesses on discount sites like Groupon, are  substandard and do not have long lasting results.  We recommend to always do your research.  Ask what device is being used.  We always offer free consultations because our happiest clients are well informed.

PHYZIQUE offers top quality treatments at the best prices, GUARANTEED!

The Gentle Max is effective for:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Facial Veins
  • Hemangioma (abnormal buildup of blood vessels on the skin) removal for face and body
  • Brown spot / sun spot removal
  • Seborrheic keratosis removal
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatment
  • Rosacea
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of PhyZique’s well-trained medical professionals. Each practitioner is extensively trained before performing any treatments. Additionally, a licensed medical doctor serves as a medical director for each individual location, and oversees all treatment and competency of the medical staff.


While laser hair removal can be performed on virtually any skin color and hair type, hair color is the most important factor. The light emitted from the laser is attracted to the melanin, or dark pigment, in the hair follicle. This means that dark hair is treated most effectively. Treatments performed on red, blonde, and gray hair require a different laser frequency. Our device, the Gentle Max allows us great versatility for accommodating the wide variance in hair and skin color.


Visiting PHYZIQUE for a complimentary consultation is the most important step towards solving your unwanted hair problem. Your treatment specialist will determine whether you’re an appropriate candidate and what you can expect. Everyone is different so we offer these consultations free so you can get more information. Additionally, you will learn how laser treatment works and how to prepare for your first session. Our consultants are knowledgeable and committed to handling all your concerns.


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Hair removal has been social practice for thousands of years. Men and women notice hair growth on their body, as they grow older. This includes the face, chest, legs, arms, and pubic area. Hair has its role to play in the natural sense, but sometimes, too much of it can lead to severe health issues. People need to remove hair for many reasons, and there are health benefits to that. There are also many ways to remove hair, but laser hair removal has been voted as one of the best options among the rest. When looking for hair removal services, find ways you can get discounts and deals that will save you money without compromising quality. After hair removal, there are things you need to do to ensure it works for you, without any side-effects.

Why People Remove Body Hair


The hair on your body sometimes help protect the organs and keep them save from harm. Hair can also act as insulation during cold. But during the heat seasons, it can be very unhygienic to keep hair on the body. Too much hair on the body encourages the accumulation of sweat mixed with heat, which makes the perfect environment for bacteria growth. This can lead to infections if the hair is not removed.

Display More Muscle

For male athletes and models, there is a need to ensure a more appealing and masculine appearance. They need to appeal to their fans, the audience, and the companies who are looking to sign them up for projects. Removing your hair from your body will also expose more of your muscles and make you look more appealing. Athletes also remove their hair to give them more freedom and fluid during training or when they’re in action, as hair can get trapped in clothing and that can become very discomforting. Female models also shave the hair on their body to look more attractive in glossy magazines.

Reduce Sweating And Bad Odor

Again too much hair on the skin can cause excess sweating that will lead to bad smell. For most people, the solution may be regular bathing with soap. But this can’t be guaranteed once you step outside of the building where high temperature changes the whole story. Removing hair from your body will disallow sweat from staying on your skin which will discourage bad odor.

Fitting In

Self-esteem is vital for fitting into any setting in the society. Advertisements and promotions have made body grooming popular, and sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where almost everyone around you is doing it. Some people shave their hair to be able to fit into a particular clique and to boost their self-worth and ego.

Attracting Others

People who do body grooming are usually attracted to those who also groom. This is why some people decide to use laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale FL so that they can be more appealing to certain people.


Swimming is one of the most important games in the Olympics and other events. If you are conversant with sports, you will notice that most swimmers do shave their hair. This is not to show off muscle, or for any other aesthetics, it is far beyond that. According to research removing hair for swimmers help improve their speed during competitions. The hair on the body causes resistance which leads to drag that can be fatal to the success of any swimmers. Cyclists and footballers are also known to remove hair on their body to give them more freedom and reduce resistance during competition. Removing hair also means that, should in case they get injured, the bruise can easily be treated.

Religious And Medical Reasons

Some people remove hair for religious reasons while others do it for medical reasons. Before surgery, you might be required to get rid of hair on your body to make it easier for doctors to carry out their operations.

Different Hair Removal Methods

There are different hair removal methods applied by people who engage in regular body grooming. The most popular methods for shaving or hair removal methods include shaving, shaving cream, electrolysis, waxing, and of course, laser hair removal treatment. People use these methods based on a variety of reasons including comfort, price, preference, and ease. Apart from laser treatment Fort Lauderdale, there are different disadvantages people encounter, which makes some of the methods unpopular. For example, shaving leaves a trail of micro injuries on the body, which can permit the introduction of bacteria. Creams sometimes are made with chemicals that will harm your skin, while waxing can be very painful. There is always an option that offers far more advantages than disadvantages, and that is laser hair removal.

Why Laser Hair Removal Is The Best Option

Laser Hair Removal Is Safe

When you want hair removal option that is safe without adverse side effects, your best choice is laser hair removal. Laser has been in use for more than 20 years now, and they are known to be very effective. Laser for hair removal is also very precise when removing hair from the body because they target hair follicle.

Treatment is fast

Whether you’re using a home kit or you’re going to hair removal salon, laser treatment Fort Lauderdale is very fast and efficient. Fast treatment means the job is done within a short while so you can go on and do more important things. This means that hair removal with laser saves your time and gets you ready to take the day, as quickly as possible.


One of the reasons why many people don’t want to use laser hair removal is because they think it is expensive. Yes, it is if you consider the immediate Laser Hair Removal Prices. But when you look at it in the long term, it is cheaper. This is because laser hair removal lasts for a long time. After the treatment, you might not need to shave again for a very long time. The long-term shaving also comes with additional service advantages that are beyond the price and value.

No More Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can be a severe issue for removing hair, especially for those who make use of waxing and shaving. Ingrown hair can cause strange bumps to appear which can lead to painful effects on the skin. Using laser removal is one of the best ways to avoid ingrown hair and have some peace after your treatment. If you have sensitive skin and experience irritation after shaving or waxing, your best option is to make use of laser removal to ensure you don’t suffer anymore.

You Don’t Have To Grow Your Hair Out

Some of the alternatives to removing hair from the body require that you allow your hair to grow out before you can do another shaving. This is not necessary once you start using laser treatment. You can shave between treatments and sessions as much as you like, without caring about any side effects. The hair that grows back after laser treatment is sparser and finer, and is easy to manage.

Can Be Used On Different Parts Of The Body

What makes laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale FL very attractive is that you can use it on many parts of your body. You can use it to shave your armpits, body hair, legs, arms, and so on. Salons use different methods and equipment that ensure flexibility and make it easy for you to have a clean shave. You can have every hair in your body removed at one session and you don’t have to wait for so long to get that done at all.

Laser Hair Removal Salons Offer Comfortable Service

Some laser hair removal salons are so well-structured that they give you excellent treatment. This also ensures your comfort and relaxation when getting your hair removed. You don’t have to go through any pains, and there are little or no immediate or after treatment side-effects or discomforts. Going to a salon means you will be attended to by an expert who has many years of experience dealing with clients. These experts know exactly how to work your particular situation and are always ready to help you get the best value for your money.

Tips For Choosing The Right Laser Hair Removal Service

There are many hair removal services out there that make promises in their adverts and promotions. To get the best laser hair removal, you need to follow specific rules. This will help you know which ones to patronize and which ones you must avoid like the plaque. You know, it is not just your money that is at stake, but your health and wellbeing. Here are very useful tips to help you find the perfect hair removal service.

Check Their Website

If you don’t already have a service in mind, you could check google for the best laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale. Surely, your search results will bring up options which you can start checking one after the other. If you have a name or link in mind, then you can go straight there. The bottom line is checking the website of the laser hair removal service properly. Do they have contact information? Is the site well-designed? Do they offer other services apart from hair laser removals? All of this information will help you in making the right decision.

Ask For Who Will Be Supervising Or Performing The Procedure

Your safety comes first in everything, especially when it has to do with your physical body. Before signing up with any hair removal service, ask who will be performing or supervising the treatment. If possible, get a profile of the person and their technical ability, including years of experience. You should not allow someone who is not very experienced work on your body because it increases the risk of something going wrong. Membership of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) and the National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE), may not be required but it shows that the company maintains a high level of standards in their treatment.

Find Out About The Type Of Laser To Be Used

The type of laser to be used on your body is also very essential. Make sure you ask them about this and know if it is FDA approved. You should also ask for evidence of successful treatments, including before and after photos. This will further help you have a deeper understanding of the kind of service the company offers before you get involved with them.

Schedule An Initial Consultation

Don’t just go for treatment right away. Schedule an initial appointment with the provider to have a better understating of what you’re dealing with here. Some of these clinics offer free consultations that can be very useful for patients in many ways. When going, harm, yourself with some questions to ask the consultant or doctor-in-charge. Ask if it is permanent, if it hurts, or if there are any risks involved. You should also ask them if your preferred hair removal will be right for your skin type or hair color, and ask how long the procedure will last.

Determine If You Can Afford It

Always have a budget before deciding on your hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale prices are not the same for every customer or procedure. Know how much they charge and determine if you could afford it.

Understand How Laser Hair Removal Works

While you go for a consultation, you should spend some time in the spa itself. If possible ask to see laser hair removal equipment or video of the live operation. Make sure they have a clean environment and pay attention to proper hygiene; your overall health depends on it. You should have an understanding of how the treatment works, which can help you get better prepared when you’re ready.

How To Get Prepared For Laser Hair Removal

Avoid Tanning

For at least one month to your laser hair removal treatment avoid using any form of tanning or sunless tanners. Laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale FL requires your skin to be as light as possible. This is why many people prefer to go through the procedure during the winter when laser works very smoothly and perfectly on your skin and body. If you must stay outdoors only apply sunscreen that has at least SPF 15.

No Plucking Or Waxing

You can shave of course, but avoid waxing or plucking for at least two to four weeks before undergoing laser hair removal. This is to ensure the proper effect of the laser hair treatment when you’re finally ready to go for it. In this period, you should also avoid bleaching your skin.

Shave The Area To Be Treated As Prescribed

Doctors will give you a prescription to shave the area you want the laser treatment to be carried out on your body. This is usually like a day or two before the procedure. Make sure you follow this instruction to the letter, to ensure the success of your laser hair treatment. You may apply a layer of Aloe Vera gel to your body after shaving, if necessary. You should also take any oral antiviral or antimicrobial prescription by the doctor.

Clean Your Body

Make sure you have your entire body adequately cleaned before heading to the salon. Avoid using any lotions, creams, or cosmetics on your body at this period.

Cream Application During Treatment

During treatment expect that technicians may apply some form of a warm compress or topical anesthetic cream. This is to ensure you have a better experience with your treatment.

Change In Medication

If you have had any change in medication make sure you inform your technician about it. Change in drug can lead to severe issues that can cause the treatment not to go on well.

Relax And Have Rest

Relax and have plenty of rest a day before your procedure. You want to make sure you are both physically and mentally ready for the treatment, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Remember all the information you have been given during the consultation. This should help you know that the procedure is safe and is much better than other options.

Stretch Your Body

Stretch your body for a few times to relax your skin and make it feel more flexible and relaxed. Your skin needs to be in the best of conditions to ensure the treatment works out fine.

Wear Proper Clothing

Put on a light dress that will allow air to touch your skin. You should also wear 100% cotton underwear and loose cotton trousers the day you are to undergo your treatment.

Hair Removal Cost And Getting A Better Deal

Certain factors affect laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale prices. Before going for a treatment, you should learn about this, perhaps during the consultation period or by doing research online. Laser hair removal treatment ranges from $300 to $500 per session, depending on the area you live or the service provider.

The area to be treated will affect the price of your laser hair removal. While the equipment can be used in every part of the body, certain areas take longer time to work on than others. The pubic area is small, so the treatment will be very quick. However, your chest, legs, arms, and other parts of the body are quite broad, so they will take more time and cost more to treat.

Another thing that determines the cost of your treatment is the number of sessions you need to get the job done. This will be discussed during consultation with the doctor. Usually, most people do four sessions, but it can be anything between two and six sessions.

The color of your hair and skin will also determine the cost of your hair laser removal treatment. The procedure works better when dealing with hair colors that are darker than the skin color. This means that blonds will have to pay more if they want the best laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale.

After Hair Removal, What Next?

Your skin may be slightly sensitive after laser hair removal, occasioned with redness or swelling of the follicle. This is a minor issue that will soon disappear. You can apply cold packs or ice to the affected parts to numb the treated area. The redness and swelling can also be treated with Aloe Vera, which has soothing properties. After application on the affected area, wait until the minutes it has been absorbed and remove excess water with damp cloth. If ice packs and Aloe Vera don’t work, use painkillers.

After treatment, protect your skin with facial sunscreen and cream to prevent the area from getting damaged by the sun. For up to two or more weeks, ensure that direct sunlight is blocked from touching the treated area of your skin. Wait for your skin to completely heal before exposing it to any source of heat, to prevent it from getting worse or becoming more painful. Also, do not engage in strenuous exercise for at least 72 hours after treatment, to avoid getting overheated. A simple exercise like walking is just enough.

You also need to take post-treatments very seriously, by applying a mild cleanser and washing thoroughly, at least one to two times every day. Pick moisturizer designed for sensitive skin, including oil-free moisturizer that will promote healing and keep the pores clear.

For the meantime, avoid makeup and skin products that are too harsh, at least 48 hours after laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale. Have plenty of rest and sleep and make sure you drink water.


Laser hair removal is by far one of the best ways to get hair removed from your body. The hair removal is not permanent, but it lasts a long time before another removal will be needed. Choose the best laser hair removal Fort Lauderdale by checking online, reading reviews, and looking at websites. Go for a consultation before you start to know what you’re getting into, and ensure that you get the best deals by taking advantage of discounts. Enjoy your free and smooth skin.


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