‘‘Phyzique’’ provides spa services for ultimate relaxation at Fort Lauderdale. Step inside this beautifully designed and well-equipped beauty club & spa to have relaxation services for health care. Phyzique uses world-class products and offers the latest treatments with up-to-date technology. Phyzique spa at Fort Lauderdale is providing impeccable and premium quality day spa services to relax your body and refresh your mind. Phyzique is about wellbeing and relaxation. Phyzique has created a luxurious spa facility with high comfort and a relaxed environment where you can get a customized spa experience with a wide range of therapies and treatments. Our professional masseurs and masseuses provide right kind of sensual and dermatological detoxification in the snail shower, sauna or steam room.

Fort Lauderdale Spa

What are the spa services?

The spa is a business that offers multiple services to promote relaxation, improve beauty and health. The spa provides personal care treatments including facials, massages and hair treatments. Day spa uses facilities like a whirlpool, steam room, pool and sauna to provide physical therapies.

Health Benefits of Spa Treatments

We are living in the age of hustle and bustle and it is difficult to get relaxing hours. Relaxation is considered a medicine for our body and mind. If you are not relaxed you are not able to carry any routine activity. Spa treatments provide you relaxation, inner peace, and good physical health by offering serene and enticing environment. Spa treatments help you to clean body toxins and reduce stress level which ultimately promotes your health. Spa treatments create physical and psychological balance in your life.

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Why Phyzique for Spa services?

  • Phyzique contributes to a relaxed state of mind, wellbeing, and health by providing skin care treatments.
  • Phyzique uses non-toxic, safe and 100% natural ingredients. For cellular level repair treatment, physique uses natural ingredients to lift, firm and smooth your skin.
  • A healthy skin glow is achieved by providing complete nutrition and environmental protection to your skin through the infusion of antioxidants, omegas, minerals, and botanical vitamins.
  • Detox treatment of Phyzique targets the congested skin which is caused by airborne and smoking impurities.

What to offer by Phyzique in Spa services?

Here at Fort Lauderdale day spa, Phyzique offers face therapies, body therapies, hydrotherapy treatments, express services, face treatments, depilation, relaxing treatments for kids and physique special spa experiences.

  • Phyzique provides very effective face therapies that help you to revitalize your skin. Our facial therapies have a strong and positive effect on psychological relaxation, stress alleviation, skin rejuvenation, skin aging, blood circulation, collagen production, scars, wrinkles, clogging of pores, exfoliation, skin detoxification, and skin absorption abilities.
  • Body therapies by our expert therapist relaxes your body, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, promote muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation, improve body posture, strengthen immune system of body, ease muscle pain, sooth depression and anxiety, improve sleep, boost immunity, relieve headache, rehabilitate post-surgical effects, improve mood, increase body flexibility, cure neurological disorders, control diabetes, reduce hormones, lower fatigue, anxiety and depression; reduce joint pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis and lower back pain.
  • Phyzique offers hydrotherapy to promote your physical well-being and relieve discomfort with the use of experience showers, steam rooms, saunas, water circuits, thermal baths and hydrotherapy pools. Our hydrotherapy will help you to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, rehabilitate injured muscle, boost the immune system, encourage detoxification, relieves stress, minimize aches, gain strength, increase flexibility, improve general fitness, minimize the joint effect and improve body balance.
  • increase skin rejuvenation, repair 

Fort Lauderdale Spa Phyzique performs each spa treatment carefully by addressing the needs and requirements of customers. Choose among our signature massages and other signature spa services, and have a unique spa experience with Phyzique Spa Fort Lauderdale. Our professionals are always available at Phyzique Fort Lauderdale Spa to support you and provide guidance on your health and physical wellbeing problems which are relevant to the spa services. Phyzique aims to promote physical and mental health for a happy life. Reach us at our website phyzique.com and contact to our support team to have our unique services.