Can Weightlifting Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite?

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Experienced by up to 98% of all women, cellulite is a common medical condition. And while it’s more common among women, men can develop it as well. If you’re looking to get rid of cellulite, you might be wondering if weightlifting can help. It’s no secret that cellulite is directly linked to a person’s weight. Men and women who are overweight are more likely to develop cellulite than their counterparts with a healthy weight. Therefore, many people assume that weightlifting can assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite. So, is there any truth to this, or should you focus on other forms of treatment to eliminate cellulite?

Understanding Cellulite

To better understand the effectiveness of weightlifting for treating cellulite, you must first understand what this condition is. Also known as adiposis edematosa, cellulite is characterized by the herniation of fat under the skin. As the fat herniates upwards, it protrudes through the underlying layer of skin, thereby producing skin dimpling in the affected area. Cellulite can occur virtually anywhere on the body, but it’s most common on the thighs, legs and stomach.

Muscle Gain

Weightlifting may offer some benefit in terms of cellulite reduction by stimulating muscle growth. When you lift weights, your body responds by building bigger, stronger muscles. This is important because the amount of calories your body burns is directly associated with its muscle mass: The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you’ll burn, which can help minimize the appearance of cellulite. Of course, not all exercises offer this benefit. Running, jogging and cycling are considered aerobic exercises, so they don’t offer the same muscle-building benefits as weightlifting.

Reduced Body Fat

In addition to building muscle and burning calories, lifting weights also reduces body fat. With less body fat, cellulite is less likely to develop. After all, cellulite is essentially nothing more than fat that’s pushing up through the skin. By lifting weights, you’ll keep your fat levels in check and, subsequently, reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Furthermore, weightlifting will improve circulation throughout your body. People who have poor circulation are more likely to develop cellulite due to the buildup of toxins and waste. As toxins and waste accumulate, it encourages fat to push upwards, which then turns to cellulite.

Is weightlifting the cure-all solution for cellulite? Unfortunately, the answer is no. As revealed here, however, it can certainly help to reduce the appearance of cellulite in several ways.

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