7 Foods to Boost Your Body’s Production of Collagen

/ Skin Health| BY PHYZIQUE

=The most abundant type of protein in the body, collagen plays an essential role in our health and well-being. Among other things, it’s used to form the connective tissues in the skin, allowing our skin to bend and stretch — to some degree — without sustaining damage. When your body stops producing collagen, it can lead to stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and other related conditions. So, consider eating more of the following foods to boost your body’s production of this essential compound.

#1) Salmon

In addition to lowering your risk of heart disease, eating salmon may stimulate your body’s production of collagen. One study found that zinc, a mineral found in salmon, triggers the body’s production of collagen. To take advantage of this benefit, try to consume salmon at least once a week.

#2) Green Tea

Green tea is one of the oldest forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with origins dating back thousands of years to Ancient China. While some people are turned away from its bitter flavor, it’s a highly beneficial beverage that can help your body produce more collagen. Green contain contains powerful free radical fighting antioxidants, which neutralize harmful compounds before they can harm your skin.

#3) Eggs

While eggs were once believed to contribute to heart disease, this myth has since been debunked. You can safely consume eggs on a daily basis without fear of them harming your health. In fact, eggs are highly nutritious and can help your body produce more collagen. They contain high levels of protein, sulfur, vitamins and other nutrients.

#4) Berries

Whether you prefer blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, etc., all berries are great for your skin health. Like green tea, berries contain antioxidants that fight and neutralize free radicals, protecting your skin from their harmful effects.

#5) Tomatoes

Don’t forget to include tomatoes in your diet. This bright red vegetable contains a beneficial nutrient known as lycopene that protects the skin from collagen degradation and loss.

#6) Garlic

Finally, try adding more garlic to your diet. Whether it’s raw, cooked or powdered, garlic is great for your skin health. It contains certain compounds, including sulfur, that stimulate collagen production while simultaneously promoting healthy, youthful-looking skin.

These are just a few foods that can stimulate collagen production. Of course, you should also avoid greasy and fatty foods, which can have the opposite effect. Along with exercising, eating more of these foods will set you on the right path for healthier skin.