Overview of Cellulite and What Causes It

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Affecting between 85% and 98% of all women, cellulite is an all-too-common skin condition. As you may already know, it’s characterized by the formation of fat deposits underneath the skin; thus, creating skin dimpling and nodularity. So, what causes cellulite exactly, and how can you prevent it? Also known as adiposis edematosa and dermopanniculosis deformans, cellulite occurs when fat underneath the skin pushes upwards. It’s most...

Exploring the Factors Influencing the Risk of Cellulite

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Cellulite, also known as adiposis edematosa, is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting up to 98% of all women. It’s characterized by the herniation of fat under the skin, resulting in skin “dimpling.” While cellulite typically doesn’t pose any significant health risks, it can still negatively affect a...

Cellulite During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

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Cellulite is one of the world’s most common skin conditions, affecting up to 95% of all women. Also known as adiposis edematosa and dermopanniculosis deformans, it’s characterized by the herniation of subcutaneous fat in the skin’s connective tissue, resulting in distinct dimpling formations. While anyone can develop cellulite at any...
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Cellulite Science and Treatments

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Cellulite is a skin condition that is known as the cottage cheese suffered mostly by women on their thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or upper arms.  Approximately 85% of women will experience some level of cellulite in their life.  A small percentage of men also develop cellulite, especially men with low levels...

How Stress Causes Cellulite

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Do you experience psychological stress on a regular basis? According to StatisticsBrain, 77% of adults in the United States experience physical symptoms caused by stress. The most common symptoms reported by chronic stress sufferers include fatigue, headache, stomach problems, muscle tension, change in appetite and teeth grinding. In addition, stress...

What You Should and Shouldn’t Eat to Fight Cellulite

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Do you suffer from unwanted cellulite? Also known as adiposis edematosa, it’s an all-too-common condition that’s characterized by subcutaneous fat depots in connective tissue. Some statistics suggest that up to 98% of all women will develop cellulite in their lifetime. The good news is that you can often reduce and...

How Does Radio Frequency Reduce Cellulite?

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Cellulite is the scourge of many, many women.  Although it can be reduced somewhat through diet and fitness there is no real permanent cure.  Spending your money on lotions and potions will leave you looking the same and feeing poorer.  Invasive surgical procedures can help but often time leave nerve...

What works to reduce cellulite

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Almost 90% of women will eventually experience some level of cellulite somewhere on their body.  We discussed the myths and facts about cellulite in a previous article.  Now it’s time to talk about what you can do about it.  Diet & Exercise  Diet and exercise alone won’t eliminate cellulite but...

Exercise Tips to Fight Cellulite

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Affecting up to 90% of all women (and many men, as well), cellulite is an all-too-common medical condition. Also known as adiposis edematosa and dermopanniculosis deformans, it’s characterized by the presence of subcutaneous fat inside the fibrous connective tissue under the skin. This results in skin dimpling, often appearing on the...
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Myths and Facts about Cellulite

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  Cellulite is a medical condition – False Cellulite is not a medical condition. It is nothing more than fat that has become distorted by pushing or getting pulled by connective tissue. This distortion manifests itself in a puckering or dimpling effect. Most of the over-the-counter cellulite products claim they...